4 Ways Co-Managed It Services Can Lower Your Operating Expenses

Co-managed IT offers a wide array of services to complement your company’s inhouse IT staff. Unlike a fully managed IT service provider, co-managed IT allows you to select which projects to keep in-house and which projects to outsource. A co-managed IT partner also provides additional knowledge and support to help reduce downtime and increase efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Some of the main benefits lie within the cost-saving advantages. Let’s check out how co-managed IT services can help lower your operating expenses:

1. Reducing the Need of Additional It Staff

Depending on your industry, it is recommended to have at least one IT support specialist for every 45-70 employees. A co-managed partnership reduces the need for additional staff members. In addition, it also still provides all the technological support your company may need. For a fixed monthly your employees gain access to unlimited IT support 24/7/365.

2. Vendor Partnerships

An established MSP has developed professional relationships throughout the tech industry. As a partner, your business can benefit from these connections for advantages such as special pricing on software or products.

3. More Time to Spend on Important It Projects

Is your IT department’s time is devoted towards day-to-day tasks such as helpdesk services? Though this is vital towards completing projects and hitting department goals, this inevitably results in lack of time spent on improving your current IT infrastructure. Keeping your IT infrastructure up to date with the latest technology is vital to protecting your hardware from cyberattacks and avoiding costly issues such as downtime.

4. Access to Additional Resources

Due to the ever-changing nature of technology, it can be difficult for your internal team to stay up to date with the latest IT best practices. Rather than having to pay for an additional service or hire a consultant, your co-managed partner can assist your business in resolving tedious projects and unresolved technical issues.

Do you think your team could benefit from co-managed services? We’re here to talk about it! Find out what it’s like to have a true partner in IT, and not just another service provider.