What is Proactive Security?

Almost every Managed Service Provider (MSP) will promise you a “proactive” cyber security approach. With the idea of a proactive approach, businesses small and large expect their MSP to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches and MSPs would like to ensure these issues do not escalate. It’s not always clear what proactive means. Here’s some additional information to ensure you’re receiving the best approach when it comes to your network security.

What threats are you facing?

Before any SMB can work towards the prevention of cyberattacks, it’s important to understand what threats you’re up against. You should review the most common cyberattacks in your industry at least a few times per year.

What is it that you’re protecting?

Take some time and document every company device that connects to the internet. Review what services you have to protect those devices and what they have access to.

Create a baseline of protection

Before you can start improving your cybersecurity approach, you need to know where your baseline is. Devise a handful of real-life scenarios and simulate them on your network. Network penetration testing from trustworthy IT professionals will help pinpoint weak spots in your current framework.

Finalize a plan

With an experienced MSP on board for the entire process, you can easily turn these findings into a layered proactive security approach.

An MSP will train everyone in your office about effective security practices such as spam awareness and proper device usage. They will also dedicate their tool set to ensure:

  • Software, licenses and patches are up-to-date
  • Dangerous and unsecured websites are blacklisted on your network
  • Training is provided for office staff to educate on the most effective security practices
  • Your data is protected and backed-up
  • Front line security defenses are put into place
  • and much more.

As soon as you focus on preventing downtime events instead of reacting to them, your IT infrastructure will increase your productivity. EMCSI offers a FREE Network Health Assessment to identify what devices are on your network and where your vulnerabilities lie.  Call Shane Nesbitt, IT Consultant, today to schedule : (330) 750-1428