Why Would You Need an MSP?

Are you constantly fielding tech questions and trying to get employees up and running again after their machines just suddenly blue screened? Have you been considering going to “the cloud” but in truth, aren’t sure what that means?

If this sounds like you, then know that you aren’t alone.  The great news is that you knew when you started your business you couldn’t do it on pen and paper alone. The bad news is that you started your business for something OTHER than IT work, but that seems to be all you are doing, especially since your business started to grow.

Some people have their nephew or cousin on the side that can come in to install a new PC that you bought at a local big box store and at least get that up and running but who are you calling when that PC has an issue? Your nephew only knows so much and now he has caused an even bigger issue (but we know that his heart was in the right place!).

This is when you needed to take a deep breath and talk to a professional. Technology needs to be valued just as much as the electricity that is needed to run it. This is where a valued and trusted IT partnership can come into play. This is where Managed Service Providers shine.

A good MSP will not come into your office, sell you something and then not support it or your company. Trust us, there are plenty of companies out there that do just that and we want you to stay far away from them. A trusted MSP will take the time to learn your environment and your business, see where you are and where you need to go to become standardized, stable and secure because they have taken the time to invest in products that will do all those things and do them well.

Another thing to consider when talking to MSP’s is their monitoring. How will they be proactively monitoring your environment and do they have a dedicated person on staff that handles the monitoring and resolves issues immediately? What does their response time look like? Do they have 24/7 support? Do they offer business reviews so you know where your money is going?

You need someone to take the issues off your plate, provide monitoring so you know your environment is stable and provides constant support for your growth. You need an MSP. A trust Managed Service Provider will work with you to provide a secure environment at a consistent monthly rate, while providing technicians your employees can call when they experience issues. Now you have more time in your day to work on and grow your business. You may sleep better at night too, but we can’t guarantee that.

If you have any questions about how an MSP can help your business please feel free to contact us at 330.750.1428 or visit our website here!