Ransomware: What Is It?

Hackers are smart, ransomware is no joke and if an attack hits your network, you need to know about it immediately. Ransomware threats are constantly growing and considered one of the most dangerous web-based attacks. While the landscape is constantly evolving, it’s important to stay educated in order to keep your business safe. Let’s start with the basics:

What is a ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious software created to block access to computer files or an entire system until a sum of money is paid. Ransomware is typically delivered via email which includes links to corrupt websites or downloads and infected attachments (such as, PDFs). While these emails may seem innocent in nature, one wrong click can lead to a malicious download of hostile software that can lock up your entire network.

Why should you protect your business from ransomware?

  • Losing Critical Business Data
  • Devastating Financial Loss
  • Complete Loss of Business Productivity
  • Compromising Your Business Reputation

How do you stay safe from ransomware?

When it comes to how to help protect against ransomware, here’s a few tips you should always keep in mind?

  • Look out for misspellings: email addresses, file names, subject line, etc.
  • Beware of the overly-urgent email
  • Before you click: hover!
  • Keep your personal details private
  • Always have a backup of your critical data

Avoiding the Threat from Ransomware Attacks

In order to stay one step head of ransomware attacks, you need to prepare. It’s most important to always back up your critical business data. Antivirus software is a great start to layering your defense but a multi-layered approach is the absolute safest bet.

Additionally, it’s important to educate your staff on the threat of ransomware and phishing emails to keep your network safe. Train your staff to be careful, but also block websites you know are malicious.

ECMSI: Advanced Security + Disaster Recovery

So before you have to pursue ransomware removal, take care of your backup solutions. At ECMSI, we can provide you with business continuity that prevents you from ever losing your livelihood to ransomware attacks, system failures, or even natural disasters. Check out our backup solutions and prevent your company from being held hostage by circumstances outside your control.