3 Tips to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home can be great! That is, until you find yourself doing so for the first time and realizing you’re not sure how to operate and you’re starting to lose productivity. After all, not all in-office practices translate over to remote work.

Employees who are used to being in the office may start to feel excluded, out of the loop, and struggle with the adjustment to working from home. Below we have some tips to continue successfully working from home:

Communication Strategies

  • Set Expectations: If working from home is new to your team, provide clear guidelines about what’s expected. Share how you’d prefer employees communicate and what processes, if any, have changed.
  • Share Progress: Make sure you have someone to keep everyone on the same page. Share the status of projects often.
  • Be Thorough: Working from home gives employees the opportunity to communicate with their teams through multiple channels: video, phone, team messaging, emails, etc. There’s no excuse for poor communication.

Choose Your Essential Tech Tools

  • Get the Right Platform: Working from home requires the best communication and collaboration tools. By unifying video, voice and messaging into one platform enables employees to communicate and collaborate more seamlessly while maximizing productivity.
  • Choosing Modes of Communication: Make sure you’re selecting most appropriate mode of communication for your team. Whether video, voice or messaging, there’s a communication mode for every instance.
  • Stay in Sync: Choosing a communication tool that allows for both asynchronous and synchronous communication enables your team to work more effectively. Bonus: they never feel out of the loop!

Keep Everyone Connected

  • Use Video: Working from home can cause feelings of isolation and disconnect. By using video interactions, employees are able to continue feeling connected and refreshed. Being able to see your teammates goes a long way when it comes to positive and collaborative working culture.
  • Express Yourself: Have some fun! Incorporate emojis (even memojis), GIFs and memes to your team communications. Adding a little humor can help people feel more connected.

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