5 Signs Your Network Security Needs An Update

Network security should remain a top priority and constant concern for all businesses. When a company’s cybersecurity infrastructure is weak or their security software is out of date, that company is open to cyber threats. They could lose access to the data they need to keep operating and allowing the theft of sensitive data.

What are the warning signs that you really need to update your network security? We discuss the top 5 below:

1. You don’t remember when your last network security assessment was.

The first sign that you need an update to your network security is that you don’t remember that last time you check your security infrastructure! A critical part of ensuring that your business is protected is to perform routine network security assessments. If you can’t remember the last time you has a network security assessment, chances are you have major security gaps that need closed immediately.

2. You experience abnormal information access requests.

The goal of cyber attacks? To steal your company’s most sensitive information. If you’re noticing a sudden influx in requests to access your sensitive data, you already have an attacker inside your network.

If you’re getting an increased amount of unusual requests, it could be a sign that you have numerous attackers making their way into your network. It’s a surefire sign that you need to update your network security – software, tools and protocols.

3. You notice your software hasn’t been patched in what feels like ages.

One early warning sign that a company desperately needs to update its network security is whether or not any of that company’s software has had a security patch applied in the last month. It’s important to proactively identify out-of-date software and patch it. This is one of the most basic ways for a company to prevent any

4. You’re finding more employee user accounts than you do employees.

A core part of maintaining your network security is keeping up with your user account management by performing  cleanup on old employee user accounts.

Companies with well-maintained security infrastructures will quikcly remove an employee’s user account and access immediately at termination. If you notice you have more user accounts than employees, you fall in one of the following categories:

  • Old employee accounts aren’t being deleted
  • Fake employee accounts are being created

In the first case, it’s important to update your security policies and procedures to close the gap on this vulnerability. In the second, it’s important to discover the means used to create accounts and eliminate the gap. Keeping your network security current is crucial for eliminating openings that allow attackers to create user accounts in your network.

5. Your network has been breached before.

The final major warning sign is the one you want to work the hardest to avoid – network security breach. Once you’ve let your network security  be breached, you need to immediately gather network security information and update your security measures to avoid this in the future.

In order to identify a cybersecurity breach, you must have some kind of network security tool – such as a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software. These tools help identify the methodology of the attack, where it came from, what was targeted and how successful the attack was.

Competitive advantage

At ECMSI we make a point of helping our customers thrive. By creating an effective network security system, we’re providing you with a competitive edge. Consumers place great importance on how companies treat their data – they want to know it’s safe and secure from hackers and other threats. That’s exactly what we do, because we know that when you ensure your customer’s data is always protected, you’ll quickly build a reputation as a trustworthy brand they can rely on.

We didn’t become one of the leading managed services providers of network security by accident. We are leaders because we care about our customers and we know how to protect them. Talk to us today, and we can work together to protect your business and take it to the next level.

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