Lower Your Expenses with Co-Managed IT

Have you been thinking about growing your IT staff but are worried about the cost of overhead and training? Lately, more companies are starting to search for alternative resources to supplement their internal IT staff. Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with co-managed IT support offers a wide array of services to complement your company’s in-house IT staff. By empowering a co-managed IT service, your internal IT team will continue to call the shots but start to experience increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Let’s continue exploring the benefits of co-managed IT and how your business will save on expenses.

1. No Need for Additional Staff

By partnering with an MSP for co-managed IT, you eliminate the need for additional IT staff. By utilizing co-managed IT services, your internal team stays in control and only supplements out tasks that they need help with or cannot get to. In addition, it also still provides all the technological support your company may need. For a fixed monthly your employees gain access to 24/7 IT support.

2. More Time Spent On Important Projects

Does your IT staff have big projects on the horizon but are unsure where they’re going to find the time to work on them? Is their time currently devoted to small tasks such as help desk services? The time wasted on day-to-day tasks is negatively impacting the time that could be spent improving your current infrastructure. By engaging in co-managed IT service, you’re freeing up time for your internal staff to stay up-to-date on the latest technology to keep your company secure and productive.

3. Access to Additional Resources

The technology landscape is ever-evolving and this can make it difficult for your internal IT staff to stay up-to-date with the latest advances. Rather than pay for additional services or hire a temporary consultant, you co-managed IT partner is there to help. Enjoy the assist in resolving endless day-to-day projects and unresolved issues.

4. Vendor Partnerships

When partnering with an established MSP for co-managed IT services, you’re privy to some additional benefits. Your MSP should have developed professional relationships all throughout the tech industry. As a partner, you’ll experience the benefits of these connections – especially for special pricing and products.

Do you think your team could benefit from co-managed services? We’re here to talk about it! Find out what it’s like to have a true partner in IT, and not just another service provider.